Behavioral Re-Marketing, also known as reorientation or simply Behavioral Re-Targeting is a type of online advertising in which consumers are shown online advertising [banners] based on their previous actions on previous web navigation.

Want to know how to encourage users to move from the reflection stage towards the purchasing process? reconsider a decision to purchase or to revisit your website? In the world of online marketing, directing your service or product to the right audience is vital in the success of any campaign.

In D-results, thanks to our Re-Targeting technology and our expert team dedicated to maintaining an approach through analysis, planning and implementing the best strategy, you can extend the reach of your campaign to consumers who do not know how to increase the conversion and to those who have interacted with it so the company can get the highest possible ROI.

In D-results we are interested in long term relationships and in getting to know and adapt our offerings to our expanding client portfolio.